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Looking To Sell: Livestock
Pekin Duck Eggs


We have fresh Pekin duck eggs daily. We collect between 3-6 eggs each day.

You can buy the eggs in three configurations...

1. As an egg, ready to bake, cook, or eat. $5 a dozen.

2. As an egg that we hatch for you. $5 each.

3. As a newly hatched duckling. $5 each

We can not offer any guarantee that every egg will hatch. Our ducks live as small flocks and are treated as members of our family.

General Details:

Sold by:Fuzzy Little Peeps
Email:Contact Us
Location:Keeling, Virginia

Listing Details:

Listing views:22
Listing expires:10/23/2017
Listing posted:07/25/2017

Availability Dates:

Start date:07/25/2017
End date:07/05/2018

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